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The sailing school has been inspired by teenage sailor Natasha Lambert, who, after trying sailing on a holiday, found no way of regularly going sailing other than to get her own boat. (to learn more about Natasha click on this link).

After three years of fundraising for other charities Natasha turned her attentions to setting up a Miss Isle charity to help those like her who want to go sailing. The charity was registered in July 2015 and Natasha is busy raising funds in her role as ambassador for MISSPS.

The school is based in Mylor Yacht Club in Cornwall, and has excellent access and disabled facilities.

Are you keen to come sailing with us?

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For more information, to check sailing’s right for you or to book a date contact us now and get on the water this year.

  • Tailored and individual sessions with experienced and qualified instructors
  • Dedicated safety rib
  • Supported and canting seating system

Get Involved

We aim to provide affordable sailing and tuition to meet the needs of young people with physical disabilities that come to the Miss Isle School and would benefit from using the sip and puff method of sailing.

If you think sailing might be for you and our sip and puff system could give you the chance to take to the water then we’d love to hear from you. Please read through this website, especially the FAQs and then if you want to come sailing with us simply complete the booking form at the bottom of this page and return it to us.

Once we have your booking form we’ll make contact with you and go through the details of your booking and ensure we are catering for you as much as possible. Once the details are set we send you a confirmation of your booking. We ask all participants to make a small donation to the charity to help support our work and ensure we can help as many people as possible.

The boat we use was Natasha’s first boat, an Artemis 20 “Miss isle” which was converted by her father, Gary to accommodate the sip-puff technology. The sip-puff operates the rudder using a straw which, when sipped (turns right) or puffed (turns left). There is then the custom made gimballed seat which allows you to maintain an upright position when the boat is under sail. The jib (forward sail) is converted to a self tacking design to make it easier to trim the sails

For any other questions you may have please see our FAQ’s section or email us direct here.

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