About Us

Our vision is to provide affordable sailing tuition to young people with physical disabilities who would benefit from using the sip and puff method of sailing.

The Miss Isle School of Sip and Puff Sailing has been born out of the constant drive and desire to open sailing up to more people who wouldn’t otherwise have access to it.Natasha has had so much success in sailing, both from a personal and public point of view. Now she wants to get more people involved in the sport she has come to love. Coupled with Gary’s ingenuity and Mandy’s passion and drive the Miss Isle School of Sip & Puff Sailing has become a reality.

The team are committed to providing a true quality sailing experience to anyone who comes to sail with Miss Isle. You can be sure of a personal touch from the attentive team and a great standard of delivery afloat. Natasha’s individual success is testament to her drive and the strength and depth of the team around her.

The Team

Natasha Lambert

Charity figure head and inspiration behind the concept. Natasha is the primary fundraiser in 2015 and is working to use her growing profile to enhance the charity's ideals.

Phil Devereux

Phil is in charge of all sailing related activity, working as Natasha’s coach with her individual projects and ensuring the quality of delivery within the school is to the highest standards.

Gary (Dad)

Gary is the mastermind behind the unique Sip & Puff system that has powered all of the Miss Isle boats. Gary doubles as safety boat driver and general maintenance dogs body!!

Amanda (Mum)

Like the rest of the team, Amanda turns her hand to a variety of tasks including photography, social media, and sponsorship. Amanda is at the very heart of all the projects and is the first point of contact when you book your sailing with the school.

The Trustees

Our Board of Trustees meet regularly to discuss the progress of the charity and to oversee it’s work.

Chairman – Jeremy Dale

Secretary – Wendy Willmott

Amanda Lambert

As a parent of a young lady with athertoid cerebral palsy, I have seen first hand the immense benefits sailing has given our daughter; not just the control and freedom on the water, but increasing her self esteem and self worth, and even improving her speech. I feel passionately that similar benefits would be delivered to other young people and therefore, I am completely committed to ensuring this Charity assists others to achieve.

Cherrell Catlow

I have worked in both the care sector and education for the past 20 years, working with young people of varying abilities and needs, and have been sailing with Natasha for the last 6 years. During this time I have witnessed the fun and pleasure sailing can give, even as a complete novice to the sport like myself. Seeing the change in confidence and independence it can bring, I have been motivated to join the board of trustees. I want to help others benefit from, what I believe, is an incredible, empowering charity by using my practical hands on skills to assist in accomplishing goals and dreams to be achieved.

Tracey Clarke

To be with Natasha, her family and carers is to be inspired and uplifted. Spending time with them lets you believe that anything is possible – and in today’s world that’s a really important thought to hang on to. I have seen how much Natasha and the team get from sailing and having adventures on the water. I am very happy to lend my skills to enable the charity to offer that opportunity to as many people as possible.

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Miss Isle School of Sip & Puff Sailing is a registered charity, number 1162550

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