Frequently Asked Questions

Q – What do I need to bring with me for sailing?

A – Clothing that will keep you warm for the weather on the day, it always feels cooler on the water, and footwear that can get wet/splashed. We can provide you with sailing waterproofs and a lifejacket.

Q – Will I get wet when I go sailing?

A – Sailing is a water sport and so we cannot guarantee you won’t get splashed or rained on! We provide waterproofs and a lifejacket.

Q – Will the boat tip over?

A – The boat we use is an Artemis 20 keelboat which means it has a fin that sticks into the water with a lead weight on the end (keel). This keel is designed to act as a balance to keep the boat upright and prevent any capsizing (boat turning over). When the boat is powered up and sailing well it will lean over but the seat you use is ‘gimballed’ so keeps the sailor upright at all times.

Q – Can anyone fit in the chair?

A – Unfortunately because the boat was originally designed for a specific person the chair does have some size and weight limitations. If you weight up to 70kgs and up to 1.60m tall you should fit in the seat.

Q – How is the boat controlled?

A – The boat has a Sip & Puff control system onboard which controls the rudder and steers the boat. In order to use this you will need to have good breath control i.e be able to comfortably drink using a straw.

Q – Can anyone have a go at sailing with Miss Isle?

A – Currently we are only able to take people sailing who would only be able to sail using a Sip & Puff system, if you have use of your hands and or legs then we are not providing this service yet. The Miss Isle School of Sip & Puff Sailing is a specialist Sip & Puff sailing training centre and so we are focused on getting people who will truly benefit from the use of such a system.

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